'; The pub - Oti Pubi


The name of the pub celebrates the legend, according to which Otepää got its name from a hill shaped as a bear’s head, in old Estonian ’head of Ott’. Oti pub was opened in the autumn of 2001. Tasty food, pleasant service and stylish interior design are the elements attracting people. We have organised two different rooms for our guests. Oti pub is two-storied and each guest will find a table to their taste.

In summer there also are the lower and upper open terrace, which gives a wonderful view to the central square, historic Town Hill and the old church. The lower terrace brings you straight to the wonderful local outdoors.

In winter, at our high season, with the snowy magnificent landscape, different ensembles perform and give you a chance to dance. With winter sports as a priority, big competitions will not be missed on the big screen. You can witness the olympic triumphs!

The free WIFI enables to surf the internet and maybe complete urgent tasks.

Meet you at the Oti Pub!